LUCKY DIY - *monthly subscription box*

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LUCKY DIY - *monthly subscription box*

44.99 every month for 1 year

On the 13th of each month we’ll ship out a little surprise straight to your doorstep including a lucky month where you get two surprise INA DAYLE products!

(for a total of 13 products + 13 DIY recipes a year)

***shipping included***

all subscriptions purchased on 11/23 will receive

an extra surprise their first month! #BlackFriday

Who says 13 isn’t lucky??

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned through the last 6+ years battling Lyme Disease is to always turn your negatives into positives. I chose to see the silver lining in everything and to always try and make the best out of every situation. Sometimes that’s really hard, no matter how much of a positive person you are, so I wanted to create a way where you could receive a little something each month (without having to remember to do anything) that you could pamper yourself a bit with.

I made it 13 products instead of 12 for the full year subscription because I wanted to give you an opportunity to either keep the extra product or give it to someone you’re grateful for.

Because we all deserve a little me time.

*ps. not judging if you keep the extra instead of giving it away, we TOTALLY get it

So what to expect in your monthly surprise?

Each month on the 13th, we will be shipping out one surprise organic skin or haircare product and a DIY recipe straight to you! You’ll receive one of our products ranging from our Cookie Crumble face mask, to our Coffee Time scrub, Mermaid scrub, Bug Off etc. On top of that, I’ll be sending a custom DIY recipe with each box including the essential oils needed for the recipe (already measured out so you don’t have to). Each recipe will use only completely natural (and mostly edible) ingredients.

Please note: some months items may repeat, so you may get Cookie Crumble 2 months in a row, or 2 Coffee Time scrubs in a row. Either way, you’re getting the best of the best. PLUS, as a LUCKY 13 subscriber you may even get a TOP SECRET New Product from time to time!

** If you’d like to purchase this as a gift for someone else simply put their info in the subscription form and their address in the shipping section during checkout, email if you have any trouble or questions **

$1 from every product sold (including monthly subscription boxes!) is donated to Lyme Disease patients in need. This money helps people in need pay for their medical supplies, doctors appointments or anything else related to Lyme treatment. It may not seem like a lot but add it up and it really does make a difference in people’s lives.

Check out our story highlights on Instagram to see last year’s recipients reactions.

** ALL ORDERS SHIP on the 13th of the month, starting on DECEMBER 13, 2018 **