EMPRESS | bath salts

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EMPRESS | bath salts


Ladies and gents let us introduce you to the perfect bath salts, the kind you bathe with. Made with the best ingredients, this soak doesn't just relax you.. it soothes tired muscles and helps promote clear breathing and a restful nights sleep. 

Simply fill your tub and shake me 5-8 times (or more, depending on your preference) get in and chill.  

all natural ingredients, alwaysdead sea salt, himalayan salt, lavender, spruce needle/leaf, ho wood, frankincense resin, blue tansy flower and blue chamomile flower essential oils and coconut oil.

$1 from each item sold is donated to Lyme Disease Research, together we can find a cure!


keep cool, seal tight || DON'T EAT || slippery when wet

{external use only, store away from children}


Please store properly as all ingredients are fresh, without any harsh chemicals or preservatives. (do not get water inside jar)

Best if used by 10-12 weeks.

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