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PUD: (P)ure (U)nclogging (D)detoxification Face Mask.

Gently pull out impurities with this invigorating face mask.

all organic ingredients, alwaysbentonite clay, activated charcoal, maca root powder, almond oil, coconut oil, vitamin e, melaleuca, frankincense and lavender essential oils. 

Directions: Use a plastic or wooden spoon to grab 1-2 spoonfuls and mix with water until the mixture turns into a paste. Gently apply gently to skin, let sit until dry (about 10 minutes, don't leave on past 15 minutes), then remove gently with warm water. Rinse off afterwards with cold water. 

If the mask texture is too dry, simply add water and mix with fingers or with a plastic spoon. DO NOT USE METAL UTENSILS, the bentonite clay will pull the toxins from the metal. Instead use a plastic or wooden utensil if needed.

--- remember to drink lots of water (add lemon for even better results) also, use this mask 1-2 days before getting a facial for maximum benefits ---

$1 from each item sold is donated to Lyme Disease Research, together we can find a cure!


keep cool, seal tight || DON'T EAT || slippery when wet

{keep away from children}

Please store properly as all ingredients are fresh, without any chemicals or preservatives. (do not get any water inside jar)

Best if used within 4 weeks.

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Bentonite Clay Benefits:

1. Supports Healthy Detoxification: The first main benefit you're going to have when using bentonite clay is that it supports your body with a healthy detoxification. It absorbs the heavy metals, environmental pollutants plus different types of bad bacteria and parasites. 

2. Works as an Anti-Inflammatory: the second benefit is that bentonite clay is anti-inflammatory, making it great for skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. Overall, a mask made with bentonite clay will help slow the aging of your skin.. naturally!

Activated Charcoal Benefits:

1. Acts as a magnet as it attracts and absorbs dirt and oil. Once dirt and oil from your pores come in contact with the activated charcoal, they stick to it and then get washed away when you rinse. 


To use: use fingers to grab the clay from the jar (or a plastic or wooden spoon, avoid metal spoons as the clay will pull the heavy metals from them). Now apply evenly onto face avoiding sensitive areas such as eyes and mouth. Leave on for 10-15 minutes (or until dry) and then rinse off. The clay in this mask will bind to the bad bacteria on your skin that can cause things like acne as well as other chemicals and gently pull them out from your skin.

This mask is meant to be used by both women and men as it is unisex (and bacteria doesn't discriminate by gender). But, women especially should get into the habit of doing this mask weekly to remove the buildup of chemicals (toxins) left by makeup that can cause the skin to age prematurely.